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Treating the Whole: Body, Mind and Spirit, Integrative health care is based on a deep understanding of the person as a unique whole, recognizing that the body has its own mechanisms for healing. In order to provide a natural prescription for health, Natural Healing by Vitamins Plus employs the modalities of Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Massage, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Energetic Medicine.

We have great Chinese herbs that treat a variety of health problems that could be fixed through our noninvasive herbs. All of our herbs are safe, organic and certified Kosher. You can trust us with the best top quality herbs. We also have a skilled acupuncturist who can take care of all your acupuncture needs and services. Whether you are in need of massage therapy, natural supplements, or alternative medicine, we can assist you!

Our vitamin & supplements store carries quality herbal supplements available for our customers looking for healthy weight loss or simply better nutrition. We can help you supplement what you are already eating with the right nutrition products that will keep your health on track.

For the best Chinese herbs and homeopathic healing, contact Natural Healing by Vitamins Plus in Montgomery, AL! We are a herb supplier you can trust and rely on.


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